September 22, 2023

Q&A with CSU representative: Ernie Smith

Hometown: Greenville, Ala.

How long have you worked as an Outreach representative?
I have been traveling for CSU since August 4, 2010.

Which degree program(s) do you represent?

I recruit mostly for our occupational safety and health and healthcare management programs, but all of us in the Outreach Department are trained in the details of all of the degree tracks here at CSU.

What do you enjoy most when meeting with partners?

Hearing the great stories of how much people enjoy the CSU experience, and how well they are treated by our staff.  The Southern hospitality comes through loud and clear over the phone!

Where is your favorite place to travel and why?

My favorite place to go is the place I have never been to before.  I like experiencing the local food and culture of different parts of the USA.

Describe a memorable moment from one of your travels.

Getting to hear some great speakers is definitely a benefit of being on the road for CSU.  Two of the most entertaining were Pete Rose, and Capt. Sig Hansen from the “Deadliest Catch.”  Although those outside of the safety field might not recognize the name, hearing Charlie Morecraft tell his story will literally change the way you think about life!  Be safe out there people!

My travel tip:

Keep an extra belt and a corkscrew in your suitcase at all times.  Nobody older than 18 likes saggy pants, and TSA will take your corkscrew if you pack it in your carry-on.

Pictured above: CSU representatives Ernie Smith and Laurie Coleman.