September 27, 2023

Faculty visits, tuition notice and Military Appreciation Month

President's Office - CSU President, Robert MayesDear students and alumni,

Since my last letter to you in April, much has occurred here at CSU. During April, CSU hosted 24 faculty members on-site who traveled from 11 states. They participated in nine information and training sessions during their two-day visit. Many CSU faculty will come onsite for such training events in order to continually improve the classroom experience, share ideas, and re-connect with the University face-to-face.

In late April, the CSU Board of Trustees met to discuss and review several topics, one of which was a tuition increase of $10 per credit hour. Effective September 17, 2014, CSU undergraduate courses will be $210 per credit hour and graduate courses will be $275. The increase to graduate courses will not affect the tuition rate for active-duty military students as that rate is capped at $250 per credit hour.

This decision was not made lightly as we have not adjusted our tuition rates in almost four years. We do so as a method to improve our online programs while maintaining CSU’s tradition of affordable education and excellent customer service.

April also brought showers—heavy showers. As some of you may know from firsthand experience or watching the national news, lower Alabama and Northwest Florida was recently hit by tremendous storms on April 29 which left many areas with record-breaking flooding and damage to roads and property. While many at CSU were affected, we made it through safely.

As we proceed through May, I would like to stop and take this time to recognize all our military students, staff and alumni during this Military Appreciation Month. Your input and dedication have made CSU continuously one of the top 10 online universities for those in the military. We are honored you have chosen CSU for your educational goals and on behalf of all of CSU, we thank you for your service to our country.

Robert Mayes
CSU President

donniegayStudent Success Story

Donnie Gay, a CSU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, has held many jobs as a member of law enforcement in North Carolina.

He has served as a community police officer, narcotics/alcohol detective, gang detective, patrol sergeant, criminal investigations detective, evidence custodian and field training officer during his 20 year career.
“I chose to go into police work for the spontaneity of the work day,” Gay explained. “Police work afforded me the ability to get outside and gave me a job that I never knew what I would be doing next. In one day, an officer could be a mechanic, marriage counselor, life guard, doctor, and so forth. I love that aspect of my job.”
Gay’s hard work and decision to earn a degree led to a remarkable opportunity at the Wingate Police Department: a promotion to police chief. In fact, Gay beat out 40 other applicants for the job and one of the key reasons was his CSU degree in criminal justice.



  1. Sherrillan Atkinson

    I am really saddened that more than likely I will not receive the opportunity to complete my Doctorate degree through CSU. When I began searching schools, CSU offered the best tuition rates and flexibility I needed as a full time parent and employee. I reall wish CSU would reconsider so those of us who recently started will not have to look at other schools to complete my degree.

  2. Stephanie French

    I have done extensive research on many online universities and their accreditations. I have seen communication about CSU since 2009 about Regional Accreditations. My question to the University is when will CSU get this recognition? I think with Regional Accreditation behind CSU will amplify its reputation and attract more students to attend this University. Can this infamous question please be answered open and honestly? Also will you reconsider in the DBA?