October 4, 2023

A special woman who inspires and supports me

During March, I wrote about famous women in history who have inspired me.

Today, I want to write about a woman who has inspired me in many ways.  She has been my support when I was down and could not see the vision for my life.  She was there for us when our family hit rock bottom.  That woman is my mother.

My mom created a great environment for me to grow up in.  During those hard times when our family lost everything we owned, she made life bearable.

Chantell Cooley - Empower UWe moved from rental home to rental home for seven years while my dad did his best to make a living for us.  Most houses we moved into were not so good.  The places always needed lots of work to be presentable and to feel like a home.

However, my mom always made each house fit our family and turned it into a home.  She would clean up the inside and add flowers to the yard.  She brought some joy to our lives with simple parties.  It was just the four of us, but on a Friday night, it was time for finger foods and dips and chips.  We just found opportunities to appreciate where we were.  During those parties, we would strategize and dream of what was to come.

Today, my mom is still there for me and continues to cheer me and Robert on. I still have a close relationship with her. I am thankful she showed me that you can find something to celebrate even in the darkest times.

Let me know about an inspirational woman in your life and how she has affected you.

Pictured above: Chantell and her mother, Minnie Mayes.



  1. Sherry Wilson

    Thanks Chantell for sharing the wonderful story about your mom. You are both amazing women. Thank you both so much for everything that you have done for everyone at CSU. We appreciate and love you both! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

    1. Chantell Cooley Post author


      Thank you for your post. We appreciate your dedication to CSU as you encourage and change students lives!


  2. Jeetendra Dash

    Behind every successful man there is always a woman of character. Mrs. Mayes not only lived that, she made greater sacrifices as well, in sustaining the family dream alive. Quite understandably, she kept the family together in difficult times, and never let go the grand scheme, that would supposedly embrace the entire mankind one day. Her dream is translated into a reality in her very life: CSU continues to provide education and better life across the globe!
    Wish Mrs. Mayes all that are beautiful in life!

    Best regards,


    1. Chantell Cooley Post author


      It is great to hear from you. Thank you for your beautiful words to my mother. I will definitely show her your post. My mom was definitely the strong pillar that supported the family. She is a quiet woman but is very strong behind the scenes. Thank you again and I hope you continue to blog with me.