October 4, 2023

Minnesota general education requirements

CSU seeks authorization or exemption, as applicable, in United States and territories in compliance with federal and state regulations that govern the offering of online programs. CSU continually monitors regulations in states and territories in which it offers programs and courses and makes every effort to satisfy each state’s requirements.

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) has approved CSU to offer the following degrees: AA, AAS, BS, MBA, and MS. Minnesota residents enrolling in CSU’s online programs must satisfy Minnesota general education degree requirements. The following is a summary of the difference in degree requirements for Minnesota residents:

  • CS 1010 Computer Essentials is removed from General Education course selections and applied as an elective.
  • MA 1130 Liberal Arts Math is the minimum math requirement for Minnesota residents. This course is currently in development.
  • Professional related courses are removed from General Education course selection options and placed under the program major requirements.
  • History courses are placed under the General Education Social Sciences category.
  • Please note there are no changes to humanities or general education elective requirements.

Minnesota students who have received evaluations since October 31, 2013 will be contacted as needed regarding their degree plan requirements. For further information related to Minnesota general education requirements, please visit: