September 22, 2023

CSU reception at FDIC generates excitement

After arriving in Indianapolis for the FDIC Conference last week, I was overwhelmed by the showing of CSU students and alumni.

This six-day conference is one of the biggest fire conferences in the nation with more than 30,000 attendees.

The first night, CSU held its Student and Alumni Reception and it was exciting to be able to connect and to visit with students face-to-face. I met and introduced Chad Carey, the 2014 DETC Outstanding Graduate for CSU. He is great example of what CSU can do for your life.

I was also able to meet a father and son who were getting their education at the same time with CSU. I could tell the father was so proud of his son following in his footsteps.  They mentioned how they push each other to complete each course.  Their excitement was contagious!

Other students I spoke with were so proud to be on their educational journey.  Education has been a goal for many who were already fire chiefs or battalion chiefs, but they felt to move forward in the industry, they needed to have an associate and/or bachelor’s degree.

As the night wound to an end, I said my goodbyes and heard many students were rushing back to their hotel rooms to finish their assignment posts and essays.  I left that night with such a feeling of accomplishment because I knew CSU was changing lives.

The next day, I went to a workshop featuring our very own, Billy Hayes, vice president of Admissions, Marketing and Outreach.  I learned that being educated in fire safety is so important for the safety of the firefighters and our communities.  I was excited to see that CSU can bring so much education to the fire industry and affect so many.  Our fire science and fire administration education brings confidence to the student and safety to our society.

As we wrap up a successful FDIC showing, if you are in the fire service industry, I would love to connect with you and hear how CSU has helped you help others.

Let me know in the comments below!

Pictured above: Chantell Cooley, far left, introduces 2014 DETC Outstanding Graduate for CSU Chad Carey, center, as CSU Student and Alumni Engagement Director Amanda Manjone looks on. 


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  1. Brian Harbison

    Hello, I am looking for any advise or comments from previous students in the Emergency Management Administration masters program. I am starting the masters in Jan and would like some feedback as to how the classes are, how demanding they are in comparison to the bachelors degree, thanks