September 20, 2023

Q&A with CSU representative

Renee Wright

How long have you worked as an Outreach representative?

My four-year anniversary is coming up in February!

Which degree program(s) do you represent?

All criminal justice related programs, including our master’s degree in emergency services management, and our new master’s in public administration program, with concentrations in criminal justice and emergency services management.

What do you enjoy most when meeting with partners?

Meeting new people and hearing the stories of their achievements, as well as their struggles.  It is great to see them get excited when they realize that THEY CAN complete their degree and begin to fulfill their professional dreams.

Where is your favorite place to travel and why?

That’s a tough question!  I guess I would have to say the Atlanta airport!  When I am there, I am either beginning a new trip with exciting possibilities or ready to go home after a busy week.

Describe a most memorable moment from one of your travels.

Splash landing my car in the middle of a 7-foot deep pond at 5 a.m. on the way to the airport.  Needless to say, I didn’t make it to that conference!

My travel tip:

Before you leave the airport in Las Vegas, buy water first.  Due to the lack of humidity, you will be unbearably thirsty within about five minutes!