September 27, 2023
Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship

Louisiana spouse receives Hero scholarship

Jill Callihan of Franklinton, La., will be able to move a step closer to her dream job thanks to CSU awarding her a Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship.

“My future career goal is rather specific and direct, but one I believe I have been called to. It is my goal to become director of the women’s crisis center where I currently volunteer,” said Callihan, who plans to use the scholarship to seek an online bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in management. “I have been a paralegal for over 15 years and want to take my administrative gifts and experiences and apply them to an area that I have a heart and passion for.”

CSU’s Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship honors the spouses and children of active-duty public safety personnel (firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMTs and dispatchers) and National Guard and military men and women, and covers tuition for up to 24 months for one specific online degree program with CSU.

Callihan is the wife of Bryce Callihan, a firefighter with St. Tammy Parish Fire District 1 in Slidell, La. “He is my hero and our son’s hero every day. He encourages me to finish my degree despite the financial consideration so that I can live out my own dream in public service,” she added.

Callihan’s desire to serve the public is reflected in her great love and concern for the women’s crisis center in her area.

“It has been an honor to serve these women in crisis and serve the center as a volunteer. The crisis center has been a great source of support for many pregnant women and new mothers in need in my community by providing medical and counseling services, educational classes and providing basic material needs for their infant or toddler. I counsel and also contribute as much as I can to the general day operations, but I know I have more to offer, and I have been called to serve them in a greater capacity,” she explained.

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