September 22, 2023

Early female firefighter sets tone for many

This week, I have the honor of writing about another woman who has made history.  Her name is Marina Betts and she was a volunteer firefighter in Pittsburg in 1820.

She was known for her dedication to put out fires.  She is remembered for never missing an alarm in the 10 years she served.  Also, Marina was one to work hard on the bucket brigade so she expected others to work hard as well. If she saw a man slacking on the job, she would pour a bucket of water over him to get him back to work.

In doing some research on female firefighters, I saw that less than 4 percent of firefighters are women. I have toured many training facilities and seen what a firefighter goes through and I can tell you it requires a great amount of endurance and strength. Did you know the average firefighter carries up to 60 pounds of equipment, which is like carrying around a small child as you fight a fire?

So, I applaud all women who are following the footsteps of Marina Betts.  Your dedication and desire to help your community is second to none.

Lastly, it has been my privilege to know and work with many incredible women and men in this field. I urge you to keep moving forward as you continue to change lives as a firefighter. We appreciate you and your dedication to keep our communities safe.