December 6, 2023

CSU welcomes new learning partners

The list of CSU Learning Partners is growing in 2014.  So far this year, CSU has welcomed 31 new partners from across the United States.  Companies and organizations, large and small, make up the Learning Partnerships program.  To date, more than 2,590 learning partners enjoy a 10% tuition discount and exclusive scholarships.

The Corporate Outreach team at CSU consists of more than 12 representatives that travel around the nation promoting the university and recruiting new partners and students.  The representatives exhibit at tradeshows and professional development events year-round to develop new relationships with partners, students and alumni.  For more information on how to become a CSU learning partner, visit

Take a look at the list of Learning Partners that joined CSU in 2014 so far:

1.            East Howellsville Fire Department, N.C.
2.            Lowndes County Fire Service, Miss.
3.            Cottontown Fire Department, Tenn.
4.            St. Joseph County Airport Authority, Ind.
5.            Clear Growth Consultants, Iowa
6.            Agland Coop, Mon.
7.            Burlington Police Department, Wis.
8.            Wyoming Air National Guard Fire Department, Wyo.
9.            United Mesa Firefighters IAFF Local 2260
10.          The Ross Group Construction Corporation, Okla.
11.          Jemco Services Inc., Ga.
12.          United States Air Force Military Training Instructor Association, Texas
13.          Hardee County Sheriff’s Office, Fla.
14.          Bastion Technologies, Inc., Texas
15.          ASSE West Florida Chapter, Fla.
16.          The Jackson Laboratory, Maine.
17.          City of Decherd, Tenn.
18.          I-Safety LLC
19.          Alabama Fire and Rescue Instructors Association, Ala.
20.          New Hanover County Firefighters Association, N.C.
21.          Humboldt Bay Fire Department, Calif.
22.          Long Beach Police Department, N.Y.
23.          Mount Horeb Fire Department, Wis.
24.          Safety Management Group, Ind.
25.          Central Florida Safety Training, LLC
26.          North American Safety Consultants, Inc.
27.          Groveland Police Department, Fla.
28.          City of Groveland, Fla.
29.          Region IV VPPPA
30.          Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy, Ark.
31.          Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office, Colo.