September 30, 2023
Kim Plash in fire truck

Q&A with CSU Rep


How long have you worked as an Outreach representative?

I’ve worked as an Outreach representative since January 2007.

Which degree program(s) do you represent?

I represent the fire science and fire administration online degree programs and very much appreciate the camaraderie of those in the fire service.  They make me feel that through CSU I’ve made a significant contribution to the professional development of their members.

What do you enjoy most when meeting with learning partners?

I especially enjoy hearing success stories that include our students and graduates being recognized through promotion, receipt of an award, or acceptance of a special honor.

Where is your favorite place to travel and why?

My favorite place to travel is Baltimore; a great city with amazing crab cakes.

Describe a most memorable moment from one of your travels

It would have to be a toss-up between visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor or the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.  The history and architecture of the cities and towns I am fortunate to visit for CSU fascinate me.

My travel tip:

Roll your clothes when packing a suitcase to save space.