October 4, 2023
Chantell Cooley - Empower U

Don’t get caught up in resolutions this year

In past Januarys, I have made certain goals for myself and set them in concrete.  I would start moving forward with these unrealistic goals to be the person I wanted to become. However, this began to set me up for failure.

As soon as my life started getting too crowded with these new “goals,” I would begin to drop them one by one.  The feeling of defeat soon haunted me.  I settled back into the rut I had always been in year after year.

But one day, that all changed when I decided I wanted more since I had nothing to show for my efforts.  I was so tired of not enjoying life on the way to where I was going.  I realized that life was a process and that I was not going to hit every goal in the same year.

For example, one goal I accomplished was working out with a trainer.  My stress level was out the roof and I had to make a change.  I now have been exercising anywhere from two to four times a week for the past five years.  What a great feeling that was to finally say, “I did it!” Being able to say I stuck with one goal boosted my confidence and gave me a launching pad to accomplish more goals.

Situations and circumstances build which can help you grow and open new doors.  So you must not bite off more than you can handle with goals as it’s a sure way to fail this year.

It is amazing how many people come to the gym in January that I have never seen one before.  Don’t get me wrong — it is wonderful they are working out and getting their bodies into shape. The question I must ask is: “How long will you last?”  I want to go and grab these people and say, “Do not quit!  Stick it out the entire year.  You have to ask yourself are you committed for the long haul?  When it becomes a nuisance to continue this same routine and when you allow other meetings to take the place of this time you have carved out, then what will you do?”

Even if you are not one to exercise, this speech goes for any short-term goal or resolution you might have made for 2014.

I started gaining ground on my goals when I finally just did not put so much pressure on myself.  I figured if I slowly moved toward my goals, I would hit them or at least change old patterns in my life.  Instead of focusing on what I had accomplished, I started focusing on the person I wanted to be.  Changing my character and zoning in on a few of my talents helped me soar in life.

Really it is not about what you accomplish, but who you become and how many other people you can help on your way to your dreams.  Instead of quick changes that don’t last but a few weeks or months, you will see changes over time that last.

How to accomplish your goals this year:

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you take a few steps backward this year.  Just get back up and go again.
  2. Ask yourself “What am I good at?” Choose a few and then get better at those areas.
  3. You must build yourself up. Learn who you are and what motivates you to become a better person. (listen to podcasts of motivational speakers)
  4. Take one goal at a time.  Master it, then move on to the next one.
  5. Be determined to get ahold of your stress level and learn to handle stress better either by working out, listening to classical music, taking mini vacations, etc.
  6. Start a work out plan for you.  Even walking the dog to the end of the street and back is a huge start in this direction.  You will be surprised what this will do for your mood.
  7. Get a coach for your life.  This could be a weekly correspondence with your religious leader, business mentor, or someone who is talented in an area to help you grow and stay on track.
  8. Don’t allow yourself to be at the same place you are now this time next year!
  9. If you are getting your education, don’t forget why you started in the first place.  Move on one course at a time.  You can and you will do it!
  10. Finally, be proud of how far you have come.  You are really amazing!