September 21, 2023

CSU looking at organizational health, new building in 2014

President's OfficeDear Students and Alumni,

The new year is here and I hope it has been a great 2014 for you thus far. I have a real sense of excitement about what’s ahead for CSU in 2014 and the years ahead.

I recently read “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni. It has been the right book at the right time for CSU and me. The entire executive team at CSU is also reading the book, as well as other CSU leaders.

At CSU, we have always put a heavy emphasis on our culture, but Lencioni helps one understand how “organizational health” can give an organization a true advantage. The lessons learned from this book will further help CSU leadership stay focused on our strategic priorities and remain true to our value of providing exceptional student services.

IMG_3735Another very exciting event occurring at CSU is the construction of our new building. As you may remember from past articles, this is a one-story 10,000 sq. ft. bulding in which one half will be for training events and meeting space while the other will be office space. You can see a picture of the building under construction above.

I am also looking forward to our sister institution, Waldorf College, having a great year. Waldorf has achieved some great things over the last 12 months such as a successful re-accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission, approval to offer fully online programs without residency requirements, and the college has just launched many new programs which can be viewed at

If you have co-workers, family, or friends looking for a great online program, I hope you spread the word about CSU and Waldorf College and we will make sure to take great care of them.

God Bless,

Robert Mayes



  1. Jesse Morris

    Agreed. This is a fantastic book and I really appreciated the honesty of “owning up to our humanity” aspect of it. I’d highly recommend this one, too.

  2. Charles E. Taylor

    I have helped companies change their culture with good success. Mr. Lencioni’s book, website and other information has been valuable to me. I throughly enjoyed his work and insight. I wish you well with any attempts at change.