September 27, 2023

CSU grads can apply to Executive Fire Officer Program

The new year is a great time to plan for professional development opportunities.

If you are a Columbia Southern University baccalaureate graduate, and have obtained the required rank, position and responsibilities, you could be eligible for the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program.

Senior fire executives and other qualified fire officers who possess a bachelor’s degree from CSU and are interested in admission to the EFOP are now eligible and encouraged to apply.

Changes implemented in 2012 to include nationally accredited institutions have made this opportunity available. It is a significant change to the admissions policy of the EFOP.

A two-tier system has been established for program admission. The two-tiered system involves a transcript review. Briefly, Tier One criteria specifies that applicants must demonstrate the following:

At least 60 college credit hours (or quarter-hour equivalent) must come from course work not associated with “credit by examination” and/or “life experiences” (including credit for non-academic certificate courses and/or professional certifications). In addition, no more than 30 college credit hours can be earned from “credit by examination” and no more than 30 college credit hours from “life experiences,” including credit for non-academic certificate courses and/or professional certifications. (This is referred to as the 30/30/60 rule).

Tier Two applicants are graduates who are unable to demonstrate the 30/30/60 criteria. However, those applicants will still be considered for entrance after all other applicants have been considered and selected if seats are available. Complete admission requirements, including an explanation of the two-tiered system and the application process, are explained in more detail at

Interested students and alumni should contact Wanda Davis at 800-977-8449. Ext. 1211 in the Office of the Registrar to learn more about the EFOP letter for their admissions packet.


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    Obtaining a B/A through CSU at the end of January. Should meet Tier One criteria. I am interested in the program.
    Thank you,
    Stephen Fea