December 1, 2023
Creating traditions gives more meaning to holidays

Creating traditions gives more meaning to holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

However, we can get so busy with this fast-paced life that we live in that we forget to stop and just visit with one another.

Christmas was always a huge part of my childhood, especially the traditions that went along with it. I love traditions during the holidays. I am really careful to enjoy as much as possible this season and to keep family holiday traditions alive.

I think it’s so important to create traditions in the family. Creating traditions helps the entire family to communicate with each other.  I want my kids to pass on these traditions to their family, so that really makes me stop and just make time for family gatherings.

One tradition my family has is to exchange ornaments on Christmas Eve. We draw names and then find an ornament that fits that person.  It is so simple, but everyone young and old seems to really look forward to this. Another tradition we have is to conduct a potluck meal on Christmas Eve.  Everyone brings their favorite finger foods.  We try to show off our special dip recipe or maybe our favorite hot finger food.

What are your family traditions during the holidays? If you don’t have any, I encourage you to establish some. Holiday traditions are so important I think to bring families together.  They help in creating important legacies in your family.

Tips for Holiday Traditions:

  • Start new traditions with your family
  • Keep a few from your childhood and add new ones for your kids to carry on
  • Carve out time for family so you can have traditions
  • Even the smallest traditions will stay forever, so get creative
  • Work hard at keeping them every year

Let me know about the holiday traditions in your family during this season and how important they are to you.

Merry Christmas!