September 22, 2023
Chantell Cooley - Empower U

Prepare and build the foundation for your career dreams

This week I want to talk about preparing for a dream.

Last week, I talked about going after a dream that I have had for some time: writing books.  There are so many reasons why we shouldn’t go after our dreams, but we must remember there are just as many reasons why we should go after those dreams.

Deciding what we want to do is not the hard part of dreaming, but creating the steps that it takes to attain it takes action from us. This is how you begin to seize the moment.

I know of a wonderful 20-something woman who had a dream of being in leadership. She started from the bottom and worked her way up. Her first boss told her “the cream will rise to the top” and he asked if she wants to be the cream?  That day she made up her mind that she would be a department leader by the time she was 30 years old.  To succeed, she realized she had to develop an action plan.

So she opened herself up to taking jobs that would give her experience in different areas to help her become a well-rounded person.  Several of the jobs she took she did not like, but her mindset was to learn everything that she could no matter what. She knew that in the long run, this would help her become a better employee and leader.

Now, there were those times in her career that she thought maybe her dream would not come true. Everyone gets discouraged sometimes. However, she continued to be focused in the face of failure and rose to the occasion. Whenever the time came to be interviewed for her dream job, she knew she would be able bring a wealth of experience to the table.

It paid off, too. In only five years, she did become a department leader before the age of 30.

I encourage you to dream as she did, but plan and put your dream into action.  Break it up in simple steps that will give you confidence as you complete each step. Before you know it, you will be living that dream!

Remember don’t procrastinate on your dreams.  Ask yourself what was your dream before you enrolled into your degree program?  Are you going after you dream now?  Do you have an action plan?

Tips to realize your dream:

  • Be intentional in what you do — everything matters
  • Stay focused on the big picture
  • Make sure everything you do is moving your forward, even if you have to take a detour
  • Don’t overlook small beginnings
  • Never be afraid to ask for help along the way
  • Get out of your comfort zone so you can grow and improve the dream

I would love to hear from you in how CSU has helped you or is currently helping you dream big!

Happy Thanksgiving!


One Comment

  1. Sharmon Smith

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I’m constantly thinking about giving up on school. It seems impossible to get my assignments completed. I know I’m not the only full time employee, single mother with a child that has issues. Its just hard to really focus on schools when I’m so focused on her and providing her with the things she need. Thanks, I know I can do its just at times it seems impossible.