December 1, 2023

When the moment defines you


I recently read a great book called “Soulprint” by Mark Batterson. In it, he has a great point on defining moments in your life.

These are the moments that help you make pivotal changes.  You might even make a 180-degree turn. These moments can happen in childhood through adulthood.

One of the most significant defining moments in my life was when my dad passed away in 2005.  This event came totally unexpected. I never thought I would lose my father at such an early age. We were always able to rebound, even in the toughest times, but this time would be too difficult.

This became a moment where I had to rise up and put to use all those years of being taught to run the company.  I always knew that one day I would help run the company with my family after my parents retired, but not that soon. But I did rise to the occasion.

Sometimes moments like this propel you to a place where you have no choice but to make it!

Another defining moment occurred in the third grade. I was learning to be in sales. I was running about in our community asking business owners to sponsor me in a March of Dimes Walk.

I wanted to raise money for this event and so I pledged to walk 21 miles.  Dad gave me the “sales” talk and sent me out.

I had Robert, who was in the first grade at that time, come along to support me.  I was so excited about getting sponsorships and possibly collecting the most money to win a trophy.

After a few owners agreed to help me, I was totally pumped up.  I went to my next place of business and asked to speak to the owner.

She said, “I am the owner” and asked what I wanted. I told her about sponsoring me in the walk.

“No,” she said rudely.

I then began to give her more details about the walk, but she interrupted and said with a stern voice, “I am not interested!”

She then walked off, and so did Robert and I.

I can remember leaving and running with Robert close behind back to Dad’s office.  I threw myself on his couch and cried.

He asked, “What was wrong?”  I told him how mean this lady was in the store.

He said, “You are going back out there to get more sponsors. I will let you cry for a few minutes and then out you go again.”

I was in shock!  I could not believe what he was making me do. Yet he gave me a hug, wiped my tears and sent me on my way.

I went on to get more sponsors, and eventually, I won by collecting the most money!  I was so glad my dad made me go out and face all the noes to get yeses.

As I look back, I know this was a defining moment that got me ready for the job I have today.

In the early years of the university, I was in admissions and I helped get potential students enrolled.  I needed those noes early on to teach me not to give up and keep looking and going until I found a yes.

I am sure you have had defining moments in your life as well. Let me know what they were and take a look at these tips on how to grab hold of those moments and turn them into victories in your life.

Tips on your defining moments:

  1. Identify defining moments that caused a big change in your life
  2. How do they apply to your life now? What did you do with those moments?
  3. Use those moments to help identify your talents.
  4. Let your talents come to surface and then put them to work.