September 27, 2023
President's Office

New learning model introduced for per course students

President's OfficeCSU prides itself on the ability to provide flexible and engaging online learning opportunities, and our per course enrollment model (10-week courses) has been the centerpiece of this flexibility for students.

As CSU continues to pave the way in innovation, we are excited to introduce an improved student learning model for per course enrollment students.  The goal of the revised model is to set up our students for success through increased structure and engagement while maintaining flexibility. This has been achieved by implementing the use of discussion boards and adaptive release of assignments in the per course enrollment model.

Discussion boards provide student interactions with relevant, current, course-related discussion topics that enrich the learning experience. The use of adaptive release in the per course enrollment model allows for sequencing of course material so that students may obtain increased faculty feedback as they progress through the course. In addition to supporting increased faculty-to-student engagement, this adaptive release capability groups units together to improve comprehension of course material.

As a result of these improvements, the learning path for students will be structured, sequenced, and interactive, yet still flexible for the student.  These components facilitate better study habits, create a learning community, and support the transfer of knowledge from the classroom to the workplace. In sum, all of these new features will create new, unique learning opportunities for our students, and pave the way of the future for CSU.

So, be on the lookout, one or more of your per course enrollments might utilize this new model to create a more engaging learning experience for you.

Robert Mayes