September 21, 2023

Graduation excites and inspires

Every year, I look forward to CSU’s graduation ceremony.

There are always incredible stories of how a student made his/her way to CSU. For many, there was a friend or co-worker who told them about us.  For others, they were surfing the web and happened to find CSU.

It is just so exciting to feel the energy and excitement build as we gear up for students’ arrival on campus next week.  On Oct. 24 during open house, students and their families will visit our 67,000 square foot building, take tours and meet our staff and faculty who have helped them along their journey.  CSU staff and faculty are always so happy to finally put a face to the voice they have heard for the last several years.

During open house, our CSU bookstore is loaded with students who are so excited to buy T-shirts, jackets, pens, Polos and other paraphernalia.

For the last week or so, our staff have been calling graduates who are coming to graduation this year and we are hearing some exciting stories.  Here is a story that I heard just last week.

“My daughter is coming to see me graduate.  She said watching her mommy graduate is a motivation to her.   That’s why I went back to school because I have instilled in her the importance of education and going to college. Well, one day she asked me, “Why do I have to go to college when you didn’t finish college?”

WOW!!!  What an eye-opener for me.  I enrolled in school the next week.  I did it while working full time and I am a single mother.  I am graduating at the age of 48!  So I can attest that it is never too late to go back to school and get a degree!”

What a great story!   It is amazing to be able to walk across the stage and truly complete your educational journey.  I would love to hear from those of you who have come to graduations at CSU in the past and from those who are coming to see us soon. Tell what it felt like to walk across the stage or what you think it will feel like in the comments below.

We hope to see many of you on Oct. 25 and 25 for open house and graduation!



  1. Freda Braddock


    This was my first time to attend the graduation and open house. As a professor for CSU, I have touched many, many lives over the past three years; however, my life was truly touched this weekend as I met so many inspirational people. Each person has his/her unique story, but adversity is usually the overarching theme. I was so blessed to meet people who have overcome the obstacles that have been thrown along their path and triumphed in spite of their naysayers. I would truly like to thank you and the entire CSU family for allowing me to witness this momentous occasion. I came to encourage others, but I left feeling inspired myself! CSU is truly “Taking Over the Nation” one student at a time!

    Thanks again,

    Freda Barnett-Braddock, M.Ed., Ed.S.
    College of Arts and Sciences, Professor

  2. Chantell Cooley Post author

    Professor Freda,

    I want to thank you for blogging with me. You are so right that we come back inspired by our graduates. I think as an adult learner this is a huge milestone to complete and watching our graduates walk across the stage is truly the most amazing site to see.

    I want to encourage those students who might be in the middle of their program of study. Let’s keep moving you forward to complete your degree. You will be glad you did.