September 21, 2023

Business Affairs serves up a unique cookbook

The Office of Business Affairs at CSU has been cooking up something special.

No, not “the books” but rather a unique cookbook chock full of mouth-watering, delicious home-style recipes. Written by each member of the BA department, the recipes were gathered and organized by tax clerk Gail Orem for the book “Cook’n BA Style.”

Gail Orem, CSU tax clerk, left, and Brenda Holland, director of Student Accounts

Orem said the group got the idea for the cookbook from BA staffer Jayne Derby. The department conducts a “food day” once month when staffers bring various dishes. This usually leads to questions about recipes, and soon, the idea become a reality.

“I typed in the recipes, before work, during lunch or when I had any down time,” explained Orem, who often reminded staffers about the deadline for turning in their recipes. “Once the deadline occurred, Annie Chavis and Jane Davis proofread the recipes for any corrections.”

The spiral-bound book features 126 recipes and sells for $10. To obtain a copy, email

Orem said they used easy-to-use software from Fundcraft publishing to categorize the recipes. The categories include:

  • Appetizers, relishes & pickles

    BA Cookbook

    The Office of Business Affairs staffers created a cookbook, “Cook’n BA Style

  • Soups, salads and sauces
  • Meats and main dishes
  • Vegetables
  • Breads, rolls and pastries
  • Cakes, cookies and desserts
  • Beverages, microwave and miscellaneous

Orem said the process had its challenging moments, “but this project helped the entire BA team come together as one and do something that turned out to be a very worthwhile project.  It also brought the department together to do something extraordinary in order to give to the charities that CSU supports.”

Those charities include the American Red Cross, Relay for Life, American Diabetes Association and others. All proceeds from sales of the book will be used to aid CSU funding of these charities.

Here are a few printable recipes from the cookbook!

Main photo above: (Clockwise from left) Chicken and Doritos Casserole, Strawberry Shortcake and Buffalo Chicken Wraps are several dishes featured in “Cook’n BA Style.”




  1. Chantell Cooley


    I personally have a book and it is full of incredible recipes. Going into the holidays it is a must to have! Thank you for supporting the Business Affairs team.