September 21, 2023

Building confidence gives you strong foundation

As an adult, confidence in yourself is a must, especially in the marketplace. Choosing to believe in yourself even when no one else does is a key to true success.

Growing up, I always heard positive teachings on confidence. My dad would get on to me when I would not believe in myself. He would say, “Chantell, of all people, you must believe in yourself. If you don’t who will?”  I knew he was absolutely right.

My biggest confidence booster as a leader came a little over five years ago when I started the Learning Partnership Department here at CSU.  The premise of the department is when a company becomes a learning partner, their employees can get a discount on tuition which also can be used by their spouses and children.

So, I started out by calling corporations, fire and police departments and others to offer this service.  It was tough on my confidence. When making cold calls like this, you definitely have to have confidence in yourself to survive this test.

After a while, I began receiving return calls from CEOs of corporations, police chiefs, fire chiefs, etc.  I gave myself a pep talk and realized that I knew more about this service we offer than the person on the phone. I am an expert in this area.

Once I got that in my head, well, it did not matter who I spoke to because I was confident all the way.  I knew what I had to say and I knew I could just about answer any questions that might be asked of me.  This department grew over time and now has more than 3,000 learning partners and continues to grow.  Confidence is why I became so successful in getting this department launched and successful.

Here are some tips on building your confidence:

  • Read inspirational and self-help books on motivation
  • Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you
  • Find your talents and then develop them (this produces confidence)

Speaking of confidence, I would love to hear from alumni and students on how obtaining your education has played a role in boosting confidence in yourself, work and/or life in general.

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We at CSU are so proud of you and your success!

Your CSU family,

Chantell Cooley

Chantell Cooley is the vice president of Columbia Southern Education Group and the vice president of Training and Development at CSU. Her blog Empower U is updated weekly on Monday mornings.


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  1. Rakia

    Hello Chantell! I know how that feels. I had to go through that when I was looking for online colleges to enroll in. I am glad that you had started that department. Will CSU seek regional accreditation?