March 31, 2023

New CSU fire degree program debuts with FESHE recognition

feshe_logo_smCSU proudly announces the launch of a new degree program targeting the fire industry today.

The Bachelor of Science in Fire Administration program allows students to expand their technical skills into a management or supervision role. This  new degree program, which will be available for registration Sept. 11, 2013, focuses on developing organizational skills that a fire officer must obtain to become an effective leader in today’s fire service.

Formerly the Bachelor of Science in Fire Science, the fire administration program features several new courses in the core major requirements and electives.

In addition, the new program and the Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science degree are Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education recognized programs. The U. S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Academy established the FESHE network of emergency services-related education and training providers.

The FESHE mission is to establish an organization of post-secondary institutions to promote higher education and to enhance the recognition of the fire and emergency services profession to reduce loss of life and property from fire and other hazards. Visit to learn more about FESHE.

This program will be available in the GoArmy Ed portal Oct.1, 2013. The AAS in fire science degree has had some course changes.  Please visit the AAS in fire science degree program page to learn more.



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