October 4, 2023

Alumni reception lassos fun; beloved dean retires

Hello CSU students and alumni,

We conducted another great CSU alumni reception this summer with a Texas-sized event in Dallas. It was heart-warming and exciting to see so many graduates and students turn out for this Lone Star gathering. I met many special people and enjoyed hearing their stories.President's Office

Many of the CSU family attended including Provost Jon Crispin, CSU Vice President of Admissions, Marketing and Outreach Billy Hayes, CSEG Vice President Chantell Cooley, Community Relations and Events Director Vicki Barnes and Alumni Association officers Trevor Johnston and Ralph Blessing. A special thanks goes to members of the Special Programs team, Ernie Smith and Laurie Coleman, for helping make the reception possible.

In other news:

  • CSU has made some changes to its fire degree program by establishing a bachelor’s degree in fire administration. What is especially exciting about this program is that it is recognized by the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education program (FESHE). See this article to learn more about the program, how it impacts CSU and the remarkable efforts of Keith Padgett, program director for our fire science and administration programs.
  • In July, CSU added a general concentration to our master’s degree in public administration program which broadens the potential of the program. As many of our first-responders have requested this program, we look forward to its growth and efforts in creating public and private sector leaders.

Lastly, I would like to inform you of the retirement of one of the pillars of CSU, Poche Waguespack. Poche began working for CSU in 1997 and has seen CSU grow and evolve over the many years.

In the early days, he spent many hours working on university documents with me including accreditation reports and exhibits. He also performed many other functions and duties. He is well-known by many of our faculty whom he has worked with and gladly assisted. Poche has often said he lives and breathes CSU and his dedication is without question.

He served as the dean of students for CSU for 17 years as the touchstone for CSU students’ issues, complaints, battles and glories. He helped numerous staff and faculty in resolving so many issues, and all with the charm and grace of a true gentleman. In recognition of his efforts, and upon the approval of the Board of Trustees, CSU honored him with the title of Dean of Students Emeritus at a reception on July 31, 2013.

Remember, graduation is around the corner so please start making your plans to attend on Oct. 25, 2013. Registration ends on Sept. 10, 2013 so please visit the graduation site for more information. We are all looking forward to seeing you in Orange Beach in October. Thank you for helping CSU change lives!

God bless,

Robert Mayes