September 22, 2023

Vote for distinguished faculty member

The Robert G Mayes Sr. Distinguished Faculty Award recognizes and honors the outstanding achievements and contributions of a CSU faculty member in aiding the university in achieving its mission to change lives through education. Our highly qualified and diverse faculty members strive to offer students individualized attention, real-world advice and support to nurture and challenge students’ minds.

Who do you think embodies these qualities and more?

Please let us know by submitting your nomination for the Distinguished Faculty Award by Monday, Sept. 3, 2013.

All active teaching faculty members of CSU may be nominated by active CSU students. Only one nomination per student is accepted. The award will be presented at CSU’s commencement ceremony in October.

Please submit your nominations by Sept. 3, 2013 at

ABOVE: CSU President Robert Mayes, left, is pictured with 2012 Distinguished Faculty Award winner Dave Dickey and Provost Jon Crispin.