September 22, 2023
Dr. Paul Baumgardner - CSU professor Occupational Health and Safety

Get to know a CSU professor

Another recent addition to CSU roster of professors is Paul Baumgardner, M.S., Ph.D

The Texas native runs his own business and enjoys teaching as it is a way to give back to CSU, his alma mater. He holds  a doctorate in applied management and decision sciences from Walden University, a master’s in occupational safety and health from CSU and a bachelor’s in plant/soil chemistry (agronomy) from Lubbock Christian University. He teaches  MOS 5101, Safety and Accident Prevention as part of one of CSU’s many online degree programs.



  1. Lucia Atta

    Great to hear more about Dr. Baumgardner and his background. I feel confident in his expertise in the field of OHS, and enjoy his classes!

  2. Dulcena Walker

    Dr. Baumgardner was one of my favorite teachers. He was challenging and inspiring to do the best work possible. I really enjoyed his classes.