October 4, 2023
Policy Updates

Notice: DBA Continuous Enrollment Policy

The following policy has been implemented. Please see the CSU Student Handbook for more information.

DBA  Continuous Enrollment Policy

Students enrolled in doctoral courses are required to maintain continuous enrollment. If the student does not enroll subsequently in a course within the prescribed enrollment period (8 weeks for Term Enrollment Program and Flexible Enrollment Program for Veterans; 10 weeks for Per Course Enrollment Program) the Office of the Registrar will notify the student that he/she has been dismissed from the program for lack of continuous enrollment and an official entry to the student’s record will be made and copied to the DBA Program Director. Dismissal due to lack of continuous enrollment does not exclude students from re-admission.

Students who wish to take additional time beyond the prescribed enrollment period described above may wish to consider a Leave of Absence (LOA) to avoid dismissal for lack of continuous enrollment.



  1. Larry Johnson


    How does one plan for life activities like a summer vacation when enrolled in the DBA program? The continuous enrollment requirement seems to be very restrictive. How does it compare with other programs?

    I’m considering it, but I cannot go for 4-5 years without a vacation or break that is not at the end of year traditional period.


    1. anthony.cornealius Post author

      DBA students are enrolled in two ways, either per course or term. If they choose term, they have eight weeks to enroll in their next course, which can give them a two-month break between each course. They can also take a leave of absence and receive up to 16 weeks off between courses. They can only receive one leave of absence in a 12-month period and three for the DBA program.

      A per course student has 10 weeks to enroll in their next course. They also have the leave of absence option, which would give them 20 weeks that they can take off between courses.