September 22, 2023

New MPA degree program debuts

CSU continues its commitment to our students to explore degree options that will prepare them for success in their communities while giving them a competitive advantage in their chosen career fields.

With this in mind, CSU is pleased to announce the Master of Public Administration (MPA), which is offered with two concentrations. Students may choose emergency services management or criminal justice administration.

The MPA degree program responds to the problems inherent in public organizations through case learning of real problems facing public managers, and application of strategies to serve as innovative managers in domestic and global public agencies. The MPA program provides the academic foundations for managerial leadership and administration of federal, state and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and business partners. Public managers will be prepared to face administrative, regulatory and policy matters while working in a variety of agencies such as criminal justice, healthcare, emergency disaster preparedness and governments that administer and manage public goods and services.

The MPA is available for registration effective July 24, 2013 in the per course, term and flexible enrollment programs for veterans enrollment systems. This program is eligible for Federal Student Aid.

Students enrolled in other CSU programs who have an interest in this program may request a change of program. Simply complete and remit the change of program form located in the myCSU/Student Portal.

To discuss this program, please contact your academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar at 800.977.8449 ext. 6526 to be connected.


One Comment

  1. Brian Harbison

    Hello, I am looking for any advise or comments from previous students in the Emergency Management Administration masters program. I am starting the masters in Jan and would like some feedback as to how the classes are, how demanding they are in comparison to the bachelors degree, thanks