September 27, 2023

Donations requested for Oklahoma law enforcement officers

In the wake of the EF5 tornado that struck Moore, Okla., and adjacent areas, the National Sheriffs’ Association, one of the outstanding CSU partners, has activated its disaster relief fund to help law enforcement officers in impacted areas.

NSA Deputy Executive Director John Thompson explained that many law enforcement officers in Oklahoma went to work on the morning of May 20 and came home to huge piles of debris where their houses once stood. Fortunately, their families are  safe, but they are facing huge burdens emotionally and financially to rebuild their lives while serving their communities.

“We have learned that more than 25 law enforcement officers have been affected by the tornado with either some damage or complete devastation of their homes,” said Thompson, adding that the storm killed at least 24 and injured more than 350.

To aid these law enforcment officers,  please go to to send a donation now.

All proceeds collected will go to the Oklahoma counties to help their law enforcement officers get back on their feet. Please help make a difference in the lives of these men and women in law enforcement!