September 22, 2023
Robert Mayes

Several updates on happenings at CSU

Greetings students and alumni,

I would like to share with you some of the recent happenings at your university.

Tuition Assistance Suspension

We recognize that our nation and the Department of Defense are working through significant fiscal challenges. Due to sequestration, all of the military branches, with the exception of the U.S. Navy, have suspended Tuition Assistance (TA). This impacts many of our military students. It is our hope that there is resolution to this important matter expediently.

Academic advisors are available to assist students with enrollment or using other funding options such as Pell Grants or the GI Bill. We certainly appreciate our military and their great service to our country.

Revised Mission and Vision Statements
I am proud to release our revised mission and vision statements, to better clarify who we are as an institution of higher learning and our direction moving forward. These statements are:

Columbia Southern University provides diverse learning experiences and affordable and flexible distance education programs at the certificate, undergraduate, and graduate levels to a global student body, delivered by a qualified and student-centered faculty committed to teaching and student learning. The University is dedicated to providing exceptional academic and student support services.

The Vision of Columbia Southern University is to change and improve lives through higher education by enabling students to maximize their professional and personal potential.

These statements, along with our core values, help serve as our “rudder” as we make our way to greater things and face changes ahead.

Robert MayesNational Reading Month / Community Service
March is National Reading Month and I recently visited South Baldwin Christian Academy and read “Stellaluna” by Janell Cannon to a group of early childhood students.

For those who have read to children, you know there is a special joy they and you get in sharing a story. Reading is so important at an early age. It helps improve attention and focus, enhances social interactions, and activates your imagination and can help generate a positive mindset. I know you read a lot for your classes, but I encourage you to read for pleasure, too.

My reading with the local schoolchildren was one example of how we at CSU strive to make a difference in our community, no matter where we are. For example, several CSU staff members are actively involved locally in supporting Relay for Life and its efforts to battle cancer.

In fact, staffers are leading the organization of the Alabama Gulf Coast Relay for Life event in our area on April 6. The event will feature games, refreshments, activities and even a zip line.

Write and let us know what charitable groups or events you are involved with routinely. I would love to know how our students and alumni are making a difference in their own communities.