March 27, 2023
Remote Proctor Now

Remote Proctor Now offers alternative

CSU is now making Remote Proctor Now available for students in need of a proctor to an exam.

Remote Proctor NowRemote Proctor Now is an on-demand, third-party, webcam- based alternative which allows students to sit for an examination through use of video technology.  CSU students now have the flexiblity to take the exams anytime with Remote Proctor Now.

Students must have an operational webcam with audio, a high-speed Internet connection and appropriate system rights required to download and install software. During the exam, Remote Proctor Now will access the student’s webcam and microphone to record the examination for academic integrity review.

Beginning Dec. 18, students can request Remote Proctor Now by submitting the “Request to take Final Exam Online Form” in the myCSU Student Portal.

To learn more about this innovative method of proctoring, watch this video.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Student Services by phone at 877-323-4471 or by email at



  1. John C. Tolan, Doctoral Candidate Reply

    Columbia Southern University faculty and staff should be commended for their decision to offer the inexpensive Remote Proctor Now as an alternative proctoring method for final exams.

  2. Jenniffer Zillmer Reply

    Is there a cost related to using the Proctor Now software system? Are there any time limitations or is access available during all time sof the day? Finally, are there parameters about where the test can be taken? Or can it be taken at home or in an office at work?

  3. Dan Jalos Reply

    I just tried to request to take final exam online and it does not provide the selection for Remote Proctor? When will it be available?

    1. anthony.cornealius Post author Reply

      In order to use the Remote Proctor Now option, a Final Exam Request will need to be made. In order to do this, login to the myCSU Student Portal and click on “Online Forms” and then “Courses.” The “Request to Take a Final Exam Online (Online Exam)” will need to be chosen in the menu available. To utilize the service fill out the “Course Information” section, and then choose “The proctor I am listing below has already been approved and has previously proctored exams for me” in the “Proctor Information” section. When this option is chosen, a drop-down menu will appear and a list of proctors on your record will be available. Choose “Auto-Proctor” and the information will be automatically populated. When everything is complete, please click “Submit” at the bottom of the page and this will be processed accordingly. You will receive an email within two business days informing you of the next step to take. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Student Services by phone at 877-323-4471 or by email at

  4. Carroll Mark Wathen Reply

    I have taken two final exams using the remote proctor. Compared to the traditional proctor where I would have to leave my home, travel, and pay a stranger to be my proctor, I like the remote proctor a lot better. I can schedule and take all my final exams from my own home, even in my Pj’s. It only cost $20.00 per exam and it is worth the price, just saving me travel time, to and from the exam site. Thanks CSU!!

  5. Alex Tirado Reply

    I’m very impressed about remote proctors. I’m military and it is a relieve to know that no matter where I am, I can take my final test. Good job CSU 🙂

  6. Raliq Islam Reply

    My “Final Exam Request” form is completed and I received an email response. The email had a link for the system check for remote proctor. My computer passed the check and I watched the video for PCs. When I am ready to take the exam, how do I pay the $20? The video talked about taking my picture and showing my ID but didn’t mention payment.

    1. anthony.cornealius Post author Reply

      Briefly: You will first go through the systems check for RP Now. Once you pass that checkpoint, the next page will ask for all of your information (name, course, professor, etc.). After submitting your personal information, the next page should be where RP Now prompts for payment information for the $20 fee. If you have further questions, please contact your Student Services representative for assistance.

  7. Tamara Maye Reply

    What an innovative and convenient addition to the list of academic offerings at CSU. That’s a real switch from having to locate a facility within the immediate community that has proctoring services available to online students from other colleges and universities. In the past, I have had to drive several miles outside my resident city for a qualified proctor. What a difference!!! Now, students have the capability of completing the exams in their own homes!!! Hats off to CSU!!!!

  8. Robert Hare Reply

    I just used RPN and absolutely loved it. I took my final exam at night when the kids went to bed. I couldn’t do that if I used the traditional Proctor. Not bad for just $20. Thanks CSU.

  9. Lili Miller Reply

    I used it since the local Army Education Office doesn’t do civilian protoring anymore. I took two exams and during the first exam, the screen froze up. I immediately called Tech Support and he was able to help me. I had no issues for the second exam. I will use this for the rest of my classes. It was very inexpensive and I could do it at home. LOVED IT!!

  10. ADIAT O ZAID Reply

    My final exam request has already being processed in which I choose to use the RPN but I have not being able to download the software on my system. please, kindly give me the steps to follow in order to successfully download the software. I have tried on my own but I need your suggestion so that time will not run out on me. My final exam is fast approaching.
    Best regards and Thank you

    1. anthony.cornealius Post author Reply

      For all questions regarding Remote Proctor Now, please contact your academic advisor immediately.

  11. Mike Heikkinen Reply

    I have used RPN twice now and it has operated flawlessly. Work travel in constant for me and this system provides me the opportunity to take my exams no matter where my head happens to be resting on that given night.

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