September 27, 2023

January webinars discuss class, research paper

A Guide to EH 1020
2 p.m. CST, Jan. 3 – This webinar will cover the basics of EH 1020. Students will learn the process of writing an argumentative research paper with a guided “tour” of the course syllabus. The main focus of this webinar is to prepare students for English Composition II.


Writing a Research Paper
2 p.m. CST, Jan. 10 – This webinar will walk students through the process of writing a research paper. It will cover how to get started, select a topic, narrow the topic, plan the paper, and write the paper. This webinar will be beneficial to all students enrolled at CSU, as research papers are a requirement in many courses.

Note: No webinars on Dec. 20 or 27, 2012