December 1, 2023

Selfless police officer wins Learning Partner Scholarship

Education is vital for career advancement and Mark Lourenco of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department understands this as his department requires degrees for upper-level positions.

He soon learned about a chance to win a Learning Partner scholarship for an online education through his membership with the Las Vegas Police Managers and Supervisors Association. Recognizing the flexibility of an online degree, Lourenco entered the essay contest sponsored by CSU and won.

The scholarship is awarded to employees/members of companies or organizations that partner with CSU and it covers tuition for up to 24 months for one specific online degree program. Lourenco will use this academic and fiscal opportunity to seek an associate degree in criminal justice.

“I currently work as a police sergeant in the Employment Diversity Section. I specialize in employment law which includes Title VII, ADA, workers’ compensation, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, and the Family Medical Leave Act and harassment and discrimination,” he explained.

“My future career goal is to test and move up to the rank of lieutenant. To be eligible to even compete for this position I would need an associate of arts degree.”

Lourenco considers the scholarship win a blessing as he and his wife are parents to a large family. “I have been married nineteen years. My wife and I were foster parents for about ten years and have adopted four of our eight children,” he said. “I have always tried to instill in them the same drive and will to succeed that I have.”

His drive is evident, as is his love for his community. He has worked with the homeless, his church, and as a coach. Lourenco has also received a meritorious service award for his involvement in an incident where he had to shoot an armed gunman who was attempting to injure or kill citizens who were in his immediate vicinity.

“I have tried to live my life in a selfless manner,” he added.

With his work and family life, CSU’s online degree program is a great fit and can help him continue be involved in his family, work and community.

To learn more about the Learning Partner Scholarship, please call 888-785-3006 or send an email to If you would like learn more about CSU, please visit