September 21, 2023
faculty of the year 2012

CSU faculty of year strives to ‘keep it simple’

CSU adjunct professor David Dickey was awarded the Distinguished Faculty of the Year Award last month for his professionalism and dedication to teaching.

Humbled and honored by the award, Dickey modestly concedes that when it comes to teaching and reaching students, “I try to keep it simple.”

That simple approach is backed by years of instructional experience in civilian and military environments and a strong background in education. Dickey holds a doctorate in education from the University of West Florida, a master’s degree in personnel and employee relations from the University of South Carolina and bachelor’s degree in engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Dickey, who has taught in CSU’s College of Business for the past three years, says he connects with students using John Keller’s motivation theory.

“Hopefully, I get their attention, make what I teach relevant, give them the confidence to learn and make the whole process satisfactory,” Dickey explained.

He added when teaching, “I focus on trying to bring value to the participant that I teach. I try to make it enjoyable. Hopefully, the student walks away with two or three concepts to make their life easier.”

Dickey’s 30-plus years of leadership, human resource management, course and curriculum development and instructor experience in management, education and training also plays a role in making students’ lives a little easier.

He is a certified project management professional who has taught classes for the past 17 years for the top 50 Fortune companies and all branches of the United States military, National Security Agency, Departments of Commerce, Transportation, Justice Department and NATO.

At CSU, the former Army officer added that his motivation for teaching comes from “having fought on the front lines most of my life I believe when it comes to education, this is where the rubber meets the road.”

Dickey believes that success as a CSU teacher comes from “understanding the student is the end-user and that is where our total focus needs to be.”



  1. Jon Crispin

    Dr. Dickey, CSU is very fortunate to have an instructor who not only cares for students in a way to have earned this honor, but also an instructor who has so much experience to offer students. The tremendous benefit students receive in one of your classes from both the curriculum and your wide array of relevant shared experiences in incalculable.

    Thank you for sharing with both your students and CSU.