October 4, 2023

Congrats to Honor Society inductees

The following is the list of Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society inductees. This annual listing represents a compiled list of graduates from October 2011 to October 2012. CSU extends its congratulations to the graduates for their outstanding work and efforts!

Mazh Mir
Charles Winborn
Robert Stewart Jr.
Lori Bedord
Brenda Sommerville
Norman Stuart III
Jason Glover
Daniel Whidby
Natasha Bease
Michael Horak
Scott Mills
Terry Bain
Edward Youngs
Cleopatra Cook
Dylan Spohn
Chad Carey
Rory Burns Sr.
Knute Headley
AmyLynn Koehler
Michael Davidson
Jeffrey Baier
Michael Thompson
Jacinta Brooks
Gary Wilson
Casey Chervenka
Joshua Adams
Dale Racer
Christy Trent
Clinton McCants
David Tan
Billy Rayford
George Cleary
Jamal Albuoy
Dale Spitz
Ralph Brugueras
Maria Rosales
Craig D’Souza
Katrina McWhorter
John Hasna
Aristotelis Komianos
Kimberly Bowen
Jesse Wills