September 29, 2023
Policy Updates

Notice: Course Access Policy

Please note that this policy is effective as of Oct. 10, 2012.

Course Access Policy

Students enrolled at Columbia Southern University are subject to time-sensitive course access as stated in the Course Access Policy.

At the conclusion of a completed course, students will retain course access for a period of twenty-one (21) days. Any course which is unfinished, further defined as a course with outstanding assignments, will be closed for access at the conclusion of the enrollment period. Students who have been granted an Incomplete (I) will retain course access until the conclusion of the extension period; in addition, the student will retain course access for an additional twenty-one (21) days in excess of the extension period for all completed courses.

The final course grade will be calculated utilizing the weighted score assigned to each course assignment, as indicated in the course syllabus. Once the course access period has elapsed, all coursework submitted therein is archived and future access to the course through Columbia Southern University’s Learning Management System is restricted. Students are encouraged to save their work through use of technology. Please review the Technology Policies for suggested methods of saving coursework. Course access will not be granted to archived courses unless approval is granted by the vice-president for Academic Affairs.


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