October 4, 2023

Scholarship winner not short on drive, determination

It can be said that drive and determination will earn you much in this world.

Just ask the most recent winner of a Learning Partner Scholarship presented by Columbia Southern University, Julie Zyzik.

Julie Zyzik

Julie Zyzik

Her desire and drive are evident in her professional life. “My career began at Massena (New York) Memorial Hospital in 1983 as a ward clerk. Today, 29 years later, my role includes director of Health Information Services, privacy officer, and compliance assistant/auditor.”

However, despite her hard work and accomplishments, “My lack of a college degree has always been in the back of my mind gnawing at me because I understood my professional limitations without a degree,” said Zyzik.

Bearing this in mind, she enrolled in CSU in February 2012. However, she did have some trepidation.

“From a financial prospective, however, I could not have chosen a worse time to be pursing my educational goals. My husband is out of work, our daughter starts college this fall, and my employer has cut employee tuition assistance from their budget. However, I understand the value of a college education and want to be able to advance professionally when the opportunity presents.”

When the opportunity to apply to the CSU Learning Partner Scholarship came, Zyzik jumped at the chance. The scholarship, which is awarded to employees/members of companies or organizations that partner with CSU, covers tuition for up to 24 months for one specific online degree program with CSU. The scholarship is awarded six times a year.

Zyzik has enjoyed her online classroom experience with CSU. “Faculty and staff have been wonderful to interact with and the textbooks accompanying each course have been excellent in both format and content,” she explained.

Her desire to pursue a bachelor’s in organizational leadership is based on the belief that “the most important asset of any organization is its human resources. The degree program of organizational leadership will provide me with the tools to lead effectively while supporting our organizational mission and goals.”

She added that she does have other plans for the CSU degree: “I also have a long-range goal of teaching after retirement from the hospital, which is something that would stay completely out of reach if I did not myself possess a degree.”

With her drive, enthusiasm and determination, it appears Zyzik will succeed at her present job and beyond with her CSU degree.

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