September 22, 2023

Learn about in-text citations, email etiquette with webinars

Conquering In-text Citations
2 p.m. CST, June 21 – This webinar will be an overview of citing information in text. It will cover what and when to cite as well as give examples of in-text citations. This webinar will be beneficial to all students, as in-text citations are required in every course at CSU.

Email Etiquette
2 p.m. CST, June 28 – Did you know that e-mail outranks any other type of writing in the business world today? “E-mail Etiquette 101” will focus on the importance of e-communication in the education and business world. Learn helpful tips, along with the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. This webinar will be beneficial for all CSU students, as e-communication is a must at an online university!

Creating an Outline
2 p.m. CST, July 5 – Many courses at CSU require an outline to be submitted before approval is given for a research paper. This webinar will walk you through the basics of preparing a formal outline. Though classes may differ on specific requirements, many necessary elements are covered in this presentation.

Analyzing the Abstract
2 p.m. CST, July 12 – This webinar on abstracts will expound on the purpose of the abstract in academic work and provide advice for knowing how and when to create one for an assignment. Participants will also learn how to cite an abstract for their research and how to use abstracts to cut down on research time.