September 22, 2023
Policy Updates

Student complaint and grievance policy updated

CSU is committed to providing high quality educational and related services for students, and encourages students to say where there is cause for concern in academic and non-academic matters. Thus, CSU has made changes to its complaint and grievance policy for the student body.

To read more about the policy, please visit here


One Comment

  1. Lisa Melton

    I feel that this decision to have a way to make grievance heard by the persons who feel that they have been wronged to the person who have wronged them gives the student a voice. Also, it allows the student to feel that their grievance is being taken serious. Many times the student just wants to be heard, and know that they are being heard; and their grievance is not just brushed off, or swept under a rug.
    There were many times during my online college experience I felt like throwing up my hands, and giving up; but because of having wonderful Student Advisors my concerns were treated with dignity and respect. I continued to remind myself that when I first begin CSU the school’s administrators were taking on a new challenge when implementing Financial Aid Students and the kinks had to be worked out. Now that I have completed my goal with CSU I can say that I am proud to be an alumni and CSU is my Alma mater. I found my college experience to be so great that I recommended my husband to follow my footprints.