September 27, 2023

High school seniors learn about career planning

Sonya Rogers speaking with high school studentsMore than 130 Gulf Shores High School seniors learned about the importance of career planning as three CSU staff members visited the school for a special presentation on March 6.

CSU Undergraduate Chair of the College of Business Sonya Rogers, Success Center Manager Sonya Ingram and Success Center Specialist Heather Kimbrel spoke to students about resumes, cover letters, communication skills, appearance and more during their “Communication, Professionalism and Your Future” presentation.

“We want students to become aware and know where they are headed and what goals they have set,” said Rogers.

Charlene Hoffman, career academy coordinator at Gulf Shores High, said the presentation was well-received. “It was very informative for the students who are going to college or into careers in the next few months.”

Hoffman added that the videos and the guidelines given by the CSU staffers on using “ummms” and “ahs” in speaking really connected with the seniors. “I think overall it was well received.”

The presentation was part of CSU’s ongoing effort to reach out to Baldwin County, Ala., schools such as Gulf Shores High and Foley Elementary, which has received funds and donations from CSU staff. Rogers said CSU hopes to continue to conduct presentations to help area schools.

“I hope to do this again with additional schools in the future and see our rising students productive in their careers,” she said.