September 22, 2023

Alumni Update: February congratulations

Peter T. Schmitt
A.A. S.,  Criminal Justice
Peter Schmitt was sworn in as a Greenwich Police Department officer recently. Schmitt is expected to go to the Connecticut Police Academy for training.

Daniel Guenthner
M.S., Occupational Safety and Health
Guenthner was hired as the emergency management director for Lincoln County Emergency Management Office in North Platte, Neb. This is the lead and only emergency management position with the responsibility of all emergency management and disaster response, planning, mitigation, and recovery operations for the county.


One Comment

  1. DuJuan Green

    Peter and Daniel –

    Congrats on your accomplishments. I wish you both success and godspeed in your new endeavors. For Peter: While in the Police Academy, be a sponge. It’s a static environment (books and scenario’s) so take your time and you will do well. The real training begins in FTP upon graduating from the Academy. Your FTOs will be anxiously awaiting your arrival! 🙂