October 4, 2023
Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship

Military spouse happy to receive scholarship

Sarah HamblinIf at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

That is exactly what Sarah Hamblin did after her first effort to win the CSU Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship, which honors the spouses and children of active-duty public safety personnel (firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMTs and dispatchers) and military men and women, was unsuccessful.

Hamblin, who is the wife of Army Warrant Officer James Hamblin, Jr., tried again and “when the Hero Behind the Hero representative called me to tell me that I was the recipient of this prestigious award, I was in shock,” she said.

“I honestly could not believe it. I am not the kind of person that ever wins anything or has any “luck” you could say. I was so excited that all I could say is this is wonderful, so wonderful. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present.”

She will be using her “present” to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“When I was in high school all the classes I took were business classes because I always planned to purse a business career,” Hamblin explained. “Most of my family members are in the business field. My mother and uncle both are accountants, so it is a field that has always appealed to me.”

The Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship covers tuition for up to 24 months for one specific online degree program, which Hamblin is very thankful for. “This scholarship will allow me to go back to work part time and not worry about how I will pay for school. It is truly a blessing,” said the stay-at-home mom who will soon start working again as a cosmetologist in Colorado.

Hamblin added that the timing is great as her children can get some time with other children before they start preschool. After she finishes her degree, she wants to find a management position in the retail business.

To learn more about the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship, please call 888-785-3006 or send an email to