October 4, 2023

Special holiday message for students, alumni

As we look towards the holiday season, the spirit of giving is evident in the gifts, time, resources, and heart-felt greetings to one another.

The idea of helping others may overwhelm you, as the need is great. We should remember that in most situations, the actual action to help is greater than the quantity or even the quality you can provide. This time of year can bring out the best in us that lies dormant most of the year. We may try to over compensate for missed opportunities to say a kind word, offer assistance, or provide tangible support. Do what you can and the response from those you help may overwhelm you as well.

As students and alumni of Columbia Southern University, the opportunity to improve your worth to your employer, community, and society should not overshadow the value your education will bring to your family and those within your circle of influence. The knowledge you gain from the CSU experience will change you, and through this process, you will change those around you.

During this holiday season, reflect on how you will sustain those changes and build a better life for you, your family, and others that look to you for support and favor. An education is the investment that pays dividends beyond the student. And when those dividends are reinvested, the return grows exponentially.

As the new year nears, how will you determine if 2011 was a success? What differences did you make in your life and those depending on you? If those questions are difficult to answer, then prepare to determine how 2012 will be different, how will you define success, and how will you be the difference maker so many are depending on you to become.

Thank you for allowing CSU to bring change and opportunity in your life. Enjoy this special time of the year, give generously and receive graciously, and expect next year to be the best!

Elwin Jones
Associate Vice President of Academic Services