March 26, 2023

Honor Society inducts CSU graduates

The following is the list of Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society inductees. This annual listing represents a compiled list of graduates from October 2010 to October 2011. CSU extends its congratulations to the graduates for their outstanding work and efforts!

David L.H. Tan
Billy Rayford
Clinton McCants
Christy Lynn Trent
Dale Ronald Racer
Joshua Lee Adams
George R. Cleary
William Dennis
Michael Garrison
Robin Olsen
William Drossman
Jay Mumma
Rio Budd
Raymond Dibeler
Eric Morris
Michael Hershey
Paul Diaz
Ralphael Dunham
Brian Johnson
Meike Patten
Lester Darris
Raven Cornelius
Michael Jordan
Purnell Kenner
Richard Trantham
Timothy Smith
Clyde Banks
Danny Brown
Billy Fannin
Tasha Koonce
Julie Mann
James Shaw
David Pan
Michael Edwards
Sam Aungst
Allison Hayick
Robert Adams
Charles Tobias Jr.
Deloris C. Fisher
Antonio Torres
Antoinette Marie Tocheck
Bobby Jones
Thomas E. Murphy Jr.
Gary LeRoy Smith
Gordon Peter Hendry
Mark Phillip Lord
John Lewis Kessler
Jeffrey Willis
Larry Fulk
Brian William Kirsch
Alonzo Dixon
Kelvin Jerome Thornton
Angela Denise Johnson
William Sherrod Payne


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