December 1, 2023

CSU launches Student Veterans Association chapter

CSU Student Veteran AssociationAttention, CSU student veterans.

Karen Pritchett, a CSU Veterans Affairs military education representative, is proud to announce the recent launch of the Columbia Southern University Student Veterans Association (CSUSVA).

She founded the CSUSVA “to provide centralized easy-to-use services that address the full range of needs: financial aid, VA benefits, academic support, disability services, employment assistance, social networking and references to Veteran Service Organizations.”

CSUSVA is just one student veterans group out of a coalition of more than 323 Student Veterans of America chapters across the United States. According to the national SVA website, member chapters are student groups formed on college and university campuses to provide peer-to-peer networks for veterans who are attending those schools.

Pritchett explained that CSU students and alumni who have used or are using TA, VA and MyCAA, which is the Military Career Advancement Account program for spouses of active-duty military personnel, are automatically members of the CSUSVA.

Benefits for CSUSVA members will include:

  • Employment assistance via SVA employment initiative
  • SVA scholarships awarded every fall
  • Assistance with questions regarding GI Bill entitlements
  • Connecting with fellow veterans via Facebook, Twitter and the SVA chapter search

Pritchett hopes the CSU chapter of SVA will reach several goals this year such as free military-centered podcasts, professional networking and live chat with a CSUSVA representative via Columbia Southern University’s website.

To learn more about the SVA, veteran students and alumni are encouraged to visit



  1. Sandra Goodine

    Hi, I am a CSU student and a veteran of the United States Army. I am proud that veterans have a SVA program. I am currently not using any VA benefits for educational purposes, yet I feel that regardless of whether a veteran uses any VA benefits, they should still be allowed to participate in this association, as I served my country also. Any comments welcomed.

  2. Tim

    Im trying to find a school to attend for industrial hygiene im a desert storm vet that has not used my gi bill and need assistance applying for grants to help with my schooling is there a rep out there that can help me sincerely a us marine. the government said my gi bill was no longer any good is there any truth to this???