September 22, 2023

CSU selects Wilkins as Faculty of Year

Wilkins“I am not a fan of history and dreaded this last general requirement badly.  Fortunately, you offered a new option – the Military History, which was fantastic!!!  I am an Army brat and was raised in the military.  This was a great twist to History and I enjoyed it very much.  Prof Wilkins was the most amazing professor to date with his expedient responses – he was beyond exceptional.  Thank you CSU..”

“Dr. Wilkins challenged me as a student and gave me great constructive criticism.  I was able to learn from what views and perspectives he was sharing to allow me to have a better grasp to the subject matter.”

“Professor Wilkins was an excellent instructor that had a quick turnaround when grading exams and post. I like the way he commented on essays, it made me know that he really cared about the academic success of his students. He made the course interesting with his own feedback on discussion board posts. Great Class! I’m so glad that I took it!”

These are just some of the accolades students have given about CSU professor Joe Wilkins. These comments are also key to why he is the first recipient of the Robert G. Mayes Sr. Distinguished Faculty of the Year Award.  However, this is not the first award Wilkins has received from CSU since began working here in January 2007. Wilkins also received the Distinguished Professor Award for General Studies and the Robert Mayes, Sr. Award for Outstanding Teaching.

“I am deeply honored to have received these awards, as there are many outstanding faculty members, first in the College of General Studies and in the entire university,” said Wilkins. “I am especially honored receiving the Mayes award, as I knew and liked Dr. Robert Mayes and had a great deal of respect for his accomplishments.”

Wilkins was one of three faculty members, each nominated by their respective colleges, suggested for the Faculty of the Year Award. According to the nomination letter, Wilkins received half of the nominations for history and political science faculty. “Dr. Wilkins’ attention to his students, passion for his subject, and desire to provide assistance to his colleagues has been demonstrated time and time again,” reads the nomination letter. Wilkins earned his bachelor’s degree in history and political science at Barton College, a master’s degree in history at the University of Richmond (Mass.) and a doctoral degree in history at the University of South Carolina.

Wilkins, who has taught at the university level for more than 30 years, explains that his teaching is lifelong passion.

“I believe that it is the role and duty of a professor to engage the student and do everything possible to make my class a true learning experience for that student,” said Wilkins. “I believe that one does this by an in depth knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to relate this knowledge to the student.”

As part of the award, he received a plaque and his name will be added to a progressive plaque on the CSU campus.