October 4, 2023

Foley Police Dept. honors CSU employee

Bruce WrightCSU employee Bruce Wright was recently awarded two plaques in recognition of his outstanding work with the Foley (Ala.) Police Department by Police Chief David Wilson.

Wright, a former officer with the Foley Police Department, was honored for his service with the department and for his work as a co-creator of a Professional Development Unit for the Foley officers. Wright, who is a retired police chief from Cornelia, Ga., was hired in late 2007 to help develop the program.

“A Professional Development Unit helps us stay modern, professional, and effective,” said Wilson. “We have a lot of in-service training that ranges from classroom topics on law updates to criminal procedures to field training exercises that cover felony traffic stops.” The unit, designed by Wright and fellow officer Richard Humphrey, was created in early 2009.

“The unit helps to evaluate things officers have done in the field to establish policy and operating procedures in the police department and develop training around those policies and procedures,” explained Wright. “So if a new case law comes down from the Supreme Court, we have set policy then training to reflect that new law. This unit helps us do that.”

Wright began working with CSU as a volunteer for the school’s criminal justice advisory committee in January 2008. He was later hired on to work with the Military and Corporate division of CSU in July 2010. Wright was also instrumental in the learning partnership established between CSU and the Foley Police Department in 2009.