October 4, 2023

Textbook information now listed with course descriptions

Prospective and CSU students can now learn more about academic courses with the recent addition of textbook information to the online course descriptions.

When clicking on an online course listed under a curriculum, a pop-up window will appear with details about the course. Scrolling down in that window, students can see the title of the textbook, publisher and year published, author(s) and price. This textbook information gives students an idea about course requirements and can help them prepare mentally and financially for the class.

Also, students should note the disclaimer at the bottom of the pop-up window regarding textbooks: “Disclaimer: Textbooks listed are based on the last open revision of the course. Prior revisions and future revisions may use different textbooks. To verify textbook information, view the course syllabus or contact the CSU Bookstore at .”

For more information about textbooks, please contact the CSU bookstore or your academic advisor.