September 27, 2023

Student Spotlight: Steve Lane

Steve LaneAt 40, Steve Lane decided he needed something more – a degree. After searching for online fire science degree programs he came across CSU. The community college courses he completed, classes at the National Fire Academy and time spent in military schools, allowed Lane to receive 80 transfer credits – he was sold on CSU.

Earning a bachelor’s degree has always been a goal for Lane. As a fire officer for the Mt. Lebanon Fire Department outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he thought he would never have the time to complete a degree with his unpredictable schedule. Thanks to self-paced programs and open enrollment Lane began courses in 2003. As a CSU partner, Mt. Lebanon Fire Department employees receive a tuition discount and application fee waiver.

“For someone who works odd shifts or is always on call, it is priceless to log onto a computer and complete my coursework whenever and wherever I choose,” Lane said. “I have worked on my classes everywhere from my office, to a campground at the beach, to a table at my local coffee shop.”

In March 2008, Lane received a while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. He chose to pursue occupational safety and health at CSU instead of fire science in order to broaden his professional experience. With his education in safety, he has made significant contributions to his fire department’s safety program and has given his career a new direction.

By completing his bachelor’s degree and moving on to his master’s, Lane now serves as a part-time professor at the local community college. Currently, Lane is working on earning his master’s in occupational safety and health and hopes to one day pursue a doctorate in public health.